Pre-orders will be shipped out the morning of the printed release date in the store listing.

Pre-order dates are given to us by our distributor's and are subject to change without notice, we will try to keep everyone who has oustanding preorders informed of date changes, but sometimes dates change without us being informed and we can make no guarantees of informing you of date changes.

The quantities listed for sales in our pre-order listings are based on home much we've pre-ordered with our distributors and are subject to change without notice.  Should we find that we are not getting as much product as we've ordered we will strive to inform you asap and refund you asap.

All carts involving pre-order items will be shipped in completion when the pre-order items are available to ship.

Price drop guarantee, should we drop the price of the pre-order items, and you've paid the higher price we will reimburse you the difference.


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