Candlekeep Mysteries, What do we know?

by The CG Realm

     Oh yeah it's new DND time, and its Candlekeep!!  I love me some Forgotten Realms.

     Ok so I'm going to have to apologize a little, I've got way to much hype going on at the moment for Forgotten Realms stuff, it seems like Baldur's Gate 3 Beta was just released a couple of days ago, (I know it came out in October) and now were getting more. 

     This new DND book is going to be a collection of 17 one-shot adventures.  I'm such a huge fan of these.  As a DM who likes to create a story and a complete setting for himself (and loves to set those stories in the Forgotten Realms Universe), I just love when they give us small one shots like this.  We can use them to add a bit of spice, or cover a night where you just don't feel like making up your own adventure, sometime you just don't feel like prepping a night.

     So what do we know?

     17 adventure written by 19 different designers. All based around the idea of Books. That is a lot to take in right there, but no worries it looks like WOTC grabbed some great writers for this.  We've got DND mainstays Christopher Perkins (senior story designer, Lead Story Designer for Curse of Strahd and original Dungeon Master of Acquisitions Incorporated), Adam Lee (a writer for Wizards of the Coast since 2005. He has worked designing worlds, stories, and characters for Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons) and Chris Lindsay (Product Marketing Specialist at Wizards of the Coast and is in charge of D&D Organized Play for Adventurers League) contributing, so we know its has a solid start. As for the other writers, WOTC really spread their wings here and found us a truly unique group of writers. We have Graeme Barber (of POCGamer), Kelly Lynne D’angelo (a musical lyricist), Alison Huang (an award-winning creator of roleplaying content), Mark Hulmes (High Rollers DM ), Jennifer Kretchmer (a curator of resources for accessibility in RPGs), Daniel Kwan (co-host of the Asians Represent podcast), Kienna Shaw (co-curator of the TTRPG Safety Toolbook), Ari Levitch (Co-Author of the Guildsmasters guide to Ravnica and Narrative Designer for Baldur's Gate Descent into Avernus), Sarah Madsen (Author of The Shadowspinner Chronicles), Michael Polkinghorn (Host of the Relic of the Past podcast), Taymoor Rehman (Game Designer at Wotc, credited for additional design on Tasha's), Derek Ruiz (author of Elven Tower, and writer for Dungeon Vault Magazine), Brandes Stoddard (freelance game design and writing, and blogger), Amy Vorpahl (an actress and writer, known for The Newsroom, Live from the 8th Dimension, Untidy with Marie Kondo and of course critical roll), and Toni Winslow-Brill (Author of Faerly Moot). Each of the seventeen one-shots contain a variety of non-player characters, story hooks, magical items and enemies for players to encounter all ready for use without any prep.  The recommended levels also has a nice spread from level 1 to level 10 characters.

     “It originated out of the need to provide Dungeon Masters with short adventures that they can easily integrate into their Forgotten Realms campaign — or into any campaign, really — that has in it a library,” said Chris Perkins, D&D’s principal story designer, in a press briefing. “Each adventure is built on the premise of the characters finding a book. That book is what propels a mystery, a mystery that the characters feel compelled to solve, which then leads them on a grand adventure.”

     Honestly this seems like a solid add for any DM's out there, it has something going on for everyone, weather your building you own worlds, following adventures or a mishmosh of both, this seems like it will have something for you.

Releasing March 16th pre order your copy today at TheCGRealm


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